Top 7 Sustainable Smart Cities Helping Create a Better World

From air quality monitoring to bicycle sharing plans, we take a gander at 7 of the most ambitious smart cities using sustainable innovation solutions

1 Zurich

In 2018 Zurich launched “Smart City Zurich” to meet the city’s long-term goals of promoting innovation and making Zurich a Smart City. Integrating public transportation, upgrading the city’s digital infrastructure, and “smart participation” — a work that encourages the participation of businesses and individuals in establishing Smart City Zurich — are among the main areas of concentration.

2 Stockholm

Stockholm earned the World Smart City Award in 2019 after being placed second in the Sustainable City Index. The city is constantly innovating and testing smart sustainable solutions in both existing and new-fabricated locations in collaboration with academia and private ventures.

3 Copenhagen

Copenhagen makes sharp utilization of remote data from cell phones, GPS in transport, and sensors in sewers and garbage cans to assess the state of the city in real-time and make enhancements to decrease traffic, air pollution, and CO2 emissions.

4 Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s sustainability initiatives began in 2009 with the launch of the Amsterdam Smart City program. The program involves innovations in innovation to achieve sustainable city goals. By 2025, the city plans to cut CO2 emissions by 40%.

5 London

A worldwide center for CleanTech, GovTech, Digital Health, EdTech, and portability-related innovations, London is one of the most interconnected cities in the world with one of the most technologically-advanced public transport frameworks, and the goal of the local government is to make it the world’s smartest city.

6 Oslo

Over 70% of cars purchased in the Norwegian capital in 2020 were electric, with plans to abolish access to non-electric vehicles altogether by 2025. Oslo is expediting the transition to “zero emissions” cars by allowing them to utilize transport lanes and providing free parking and diminished tolls.

7 Vancouver

Vancouver runs on more than 90% sustainable energy and produces the least ozone-harming substances per capita of any major North American city. Vancouver has had the option to achieve results thanks to their utilization of real-time data and innovation, which has increased connectivity, sustainability, and convenience.

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