Top 7 Best Smart Locks Suitable for Apartments

I live in an apartment and I can’t change the existing keys since that would expect me to give a duplicate of the new key to the leasing office. Likewise, when I get a smart lock, I want to have the option to install it myself. Creating a maintenance work request and stuff isn’t great for me.

For the above reasons, I’d require a lock that can work with the existing entryway lock and one that is not difficult to install. With the experience I gained while upgrading to smart locks for my apartment, I have made this manual to assist you with choosing the right smart lock for your requirements.

First off, we should take a gander at the main contemplations when choosing a smart lock.

1. SwitchBot Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolt

If simplicity of installation is an especially significant component, this smart lock for apartment entryways is an extraordinary decision. You get to retrofit your more established deadbolt lock in minutes without the need to transform anything.

To install the lock, you’ll just need the 3M glue that is provided with the item. You get to keep the actual key and the general functionality of your karma.

The beneficial thing is that you’ll add heaps of robotization choices to your entryway, including voice control, application control, keypad control, and Apple Watch control.

2. August V4 Smart Lock

This smart lock update for apartments is an ideal fit for the people who like Do-It-Yourself projects. The August Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt, so you won’t have to roll out any additional improvements.

And the installation interaction is quite basic. It requires just fundamental devices with straightforward advances. You just have to remove the thumbturn from the interior side and supplant it with the smart lock.

The external side remains unaltered, so you can keep your keys in the event you at any point need them. And this one is stacked with smart highlights. Want a sans-hand unlocking experience? The lock accompanies that as a choice. How turn around or fingerprint recognition? You can have that as well.

3. Wyze Lock

Like the other apartment smart locks recorded over, this one additionally allows you to retain your deadbolt and key, yet redesign your lock with limitless smartness. The installation cycle is likewise simple and ought to require two or three minutes.

You eliminate the thumb hook on the inside of the entryway and supplant it with your smart lock – that is it! When your keyless section apartment lock is set up, you can appreciate highlights like auto lock/unlock, remote lock/unlock, and others.

I especially enjoyed the auto-lock highlight that utilizes sensors to determine whether the entryway is shut or open. If the entryway is shut, it locks it as you leave or unlocks it as you approach.

4. Bosma Aegis Smart Apartment Lock w/WiFi Gateway

To keep your deadbolt, and hence the keys to your apartment, then, at that point, this smart lock for apartment buildings ought to be an incredible pick. Easy to install and stacked with elements to make your home more secure and smarter, this one is worth the investment.

 Installation requires essential devices and ought to take something like 10 minutes all things considered. And when you have your smart lock installed, you can integrate it with your existing home computerization framework and take advantage of its elements.

I especially enjoyed the break-in discovery highlights that alert you if a break-in is distinguished. That ought to make your home a bit more secure. The Bosma group even fitted this lock with a high level AES128 encryption convention to protect you from network safety assaults.

5. Level Bolt Smart Lock

To have a smart lock for your apartment yet don’t want to change the general look of the lock, this ought to be your pick. That is why the makers of Level Bolt call it the invisible smart lock.

Level Bolt works with your existing lock arrangement, including the thumbturn and the keys. It allows you to retain the traditional look of your lock by changing only the deadbolt and strike plate.

The installation interaction isn’t even and ought to take something like 15 minutes. And if you get the instructions right, you can have your new smart lock going in less than 10 minutes.

Like the other smart locks referenced over, this one additionally has extraordinary smart highlights, for example, auto lock and unlock, far-off connectivity, lock computerization, and notifications. In contrast to different locks, however, you really want to remember that this one purposes Bluetooth instead of WiFi for connectivity.

6. August Lock + Connect Bridge

In the event that you could do without replacing the whole deadbolt, then, at that point, this is the ideal lock for you. All August Lock requires is that you supplant just the inside turnkey of your existing lock. This is a cycle that requires several minutes and you have a new smart lock for your apartment.

The lock accompanies a WiFi connectivity bridge to make it conceivable to connect your lock with the August application. You have some control over the lock from a distance, get notifications when somebody is trying to enter, and even make and offer brief visitor keys with your loved ones.

It additionally has an auto keyless component that unlocks your entryway as you approach it and locks it as you leave the entryway. And there are bunches of integrations, for example, voice integrations and robotization integrations that will make your lock much smarter.

7. Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Lock

This keyless passage apartment smart lock is not the same as the others referenced above in that it requires a full lock installation. Yet, you actually get to keep your existing keys, because of the re-keying highlight.

The Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Lock is an extraordinary decision for those looking for the most progressive security and comfort highlights. There is a somewhat intricate installation process that you need to follow, however, the installation manual makes it simple to follow.

When you have the lock installed, you can partake in a wide scope of helpful highlights from the Kwikset application. These include remote access, booked admittance, adjustable client codes, activity tracking, and an integrated touch keypad. I, however, immediately noticed that this one, despite having an exorbitant cost tag, doesn’t accompany the computerized locking and unlocking highlight.

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