Top 5 best tools for Kanban management

If you’re a product or project manager, you’re continuously searching for ways of further developing how you work. While there are numerous ways of doing this, for example, further developing work culture or growing soft abilities, it often comes down to the tools you have available to you.

Fortunately, our group at Simplilearn has assembled a rundown of Kanban tools so you can overhaul your work strategies rapidly and without any problem. We’ll go over the various kinds of Kanban tools, investigate Kanban tools for product managers and project managers, and tell you the best way to become a specialist.

Outline of Each Kanban Tool

Moving right along, here’s a rundown of Kanban tools for product managers and project managers that you ought to take for a twist.

1. Jira

Jira is a bug following and project the board tool tailored to software development and impacted by Kanban and Coordinated project the executive’s strategies. You can either foster a custom workflow that works for your group or utilize an out-of-the-case workflow. Jira is free for up to 10 individuals, while its standard level backings up to 100 individuals and expenses $7 every month per individual.

2. Trello

Trello is a delightful and basic tool that comes with vast sheets, cards, records, agendas, and individuals. Extra advantages incorporate Leeway, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox reconciliation, as well as the capacity to add documents. While this tool can be customized and is exceptionally famous, it needs gauges and breakdown graphs and doesn’t restrict cards on individual WIPs. Trello is free for everybody, except if you’re searching for extra security and application reconciliations, you can move up to Business Class for $9.99 per month per individual.

3. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a straightforward project board tool with a moderate look that focuses in group collaboration continuously and improves workflow. While Kanban Tool is available in the cloud, in the same way as other tools, it can likewise be facilitated on your company’s servers for an additional layer of safety. Restricted admittance is free for up to two individuals, and the more hearty rendition starts at $5 per month per individual.

4. ZenHub

GitHub is an extraordinary open-source tool for software engineers, which becomes significantly more remarkable when ZenHub comes in with the general mish-mash. ZenHub is a coordinated project the executive’s tool that exists within GitHub. It additionally incorporates Gitter and Slack, incorporates gauges and burndown graphs, and cutoff points cards for individual WIPs. ZenHub is free for individual, public, and scholarly stores, and expenses are $5 per month per individual for little groups.


Assuming that you’re searching for less ordinary work insight, may be the application for you. Besides the fact that it comes with a Kanban viewpoint of projects, achievements, and undertakings, it likewise gives an assortment of survey choices: diagram, map, schedule, document, and timetable. Estimating starts at $5 each month.

Advantages of Kanban Tools

We addressed the advantages of online Kanban tools for product managers and project managers prior in this article. In any case, worth rehashing for those are reluctant about attempting another framework.

The project board is available to the group anyplace in the world on the off chance that they have a web association, which is the greatest draw. Associating with your group should be possible continuously, and Kanban tools can empower them to take responsibility for errands. However much a physical whiteboard and Post-it notes can work temporarily, a web-based Kanban tool is more productive for refreshes, moving information, and checking things as “done.” Online Kanban sheets provide you with the upside of seeing deterrents and issues so you can decide on a fitting reaction.

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