Top 5 tech gadgets that need to be improved and innovated

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Top 5 Electronic Gadgets That Changed

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Top 5 Tech Gadgets to Gift for New Year

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Top 5 tech companies started by celebrities

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Top 5 celebrities who love technology the most

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate, yet the costs associated with the development of new gadgets can be exorbitant. When a new device is released, the initial cost can slow the adoption of the Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate, however, the costs associated with the development of new gadgets can … Read more

Top 5 famous celebrities who are also tech entrepreneurs

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Top 5 most influential people in information technology

Information technology (IT) refers to the use, development, and management of computer-based systems and networks to store, process, transmit, and retrieve information. It encompasses various technologies, such as hardware, software, databases, and telecommunications, enabling organizations and individuals to efficiently access, manipulate, and communicate data to support their operational and strategic needs. One influential figure in … Read more

Top 5 celebrities are also passionate about technology

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What every CEO should know about generative AI

The generative AI landscape: Top startups, venture capital firms, and more Automation, in turn, leads to increased efficiency and productivity, translating into increased revenue. A newcomer to the field, Convai Technolo brings intelligent capabilities to the world of gaming. The company specializes in enabling voice-based interactions with game characters based on speech genrative ai recognition … Read more